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Private personal training (60min sessions), which includes your initial consultation, a catered nutrition plan, tri-weekly body composition scans for progress checks, and a few FREE amenities, such as cold towels, protein bars, fruit, vitamin drinks, coffee, etc. 

From the training to nutrition, everything is customized to your needs.
Contact us for a consultation.


Not looking for personal training, but want full access to our gym?

Limited exclusive memberships are available.


We'll sit down with you to go over your short and long term goals, discuss any injuries, allergies, etc., and set your plan in motion.


We offer a Styku 3D body scan that will take your weight, measurements, and height. All of this information will determine your bf%, body composition rating, BMR, and lean mass, and much more. These scans are non-evasive, accurate, and only takes 35 seconds to complete.  



During our initial consultation, we will go over your nutritional needs necessary to reach your goals. Once we determine your body composition rating, bf%, and BMR, we will create meal plan that's catered to you. 

the workout

Where the fun begins! Your training session will work for you and your body's skill level. We include resistance training, TUT (time-under-tension) training, aerobic and anaerobic exercises, along with strength training. There is no one size fits all because each person is unique in their goals, skill level, and injuries. 

1-on-1 stretching

A 30 or 60-minute one-on-one stretch with one of our Flexologists, that's customized to fit your individual needs, focusing on problem areas or targeting certain muscle groups.

This session concentrates only on major muscle groups and can help alleviate muscle tightness. It's great for when you don't have enough time for a full body stretch and need muscle relief.


This session is a deep and extensive full-body stretch that focuses on all major muscle groups and extremities. It's great for improving your range of motion and flexibility, while also loosening tight muscles and easing stiff joints.


Our family-friendly, kids welcomed, bootcamp is held every Saturday from 9:00-10:00am under our 40ft covered, 70x35 yard turf area. 

The workout consists of full-body aerobic & anerobic, high intensity excercises that are challenging, yet acheivable by any age and skill level.

Included with our bootcamp are our FREE amenities, such as cold towels, protein bars, fruit, vitamin drinks, coffee, etc.

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