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Our Mission


What is LIFTED?

It's everything we strive for, we endure, we pursue. It's our personal and business motto. It's what gets us up in the morning and carries us throughout the day.


We came up with the name as a reminder for when we get down or can't find the will to keep pushing forward - spiritually, mentally, and physically. Lifting isn't just about picking up a barbell and moving weights, it's about LIFTing our spirits and building confidence. It's about elevating our mindset.


We at LIFTED, don't just put you through a workout session and push you out the door when you're done and paid up. We spend the time to educate you about the why's, the do's and don't's, the proper techniques, and nutrition. There's more to fitness than just working out, and we want to be your guide, your toolbox, your bible for everything health and fitness related. Not only do we pride ourselves in providing the full spectrum for your health goals, but our first priority is also making you feel comfortable, to feel welcomed. There's nothing more discouraging to someone who's looking to better themselves physically, and mentally, then to feel judged and/or intimidated at a new gym. Everyone at LIFTED is our family, and we are theirs. It's your community. It's your getaway, your therapy.

It's your "second home"! 




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